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Breaking News: Endre Barath, Jr Finished the 30th Consecutive Blog Post on AR !

Posted on Sep 29, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Breaking News:  Endre Barath, Jr Finished the 30th Consecutive Blog Post on AR. Now I know this will not be in the Los Angeles Times, or the Wall Street Journal as a headline. Nevertheless I am excited to report that without having to resort to weekly Market Reports or Weekly Updates, I managed to write some interesting posts. Some of the Posts where more interesting than others, as it was indicated by being featured on Active Rain and others that elicited valuable comments from fellow Active  Rainer’s.

I was glad I did not have to do Speechless Sundays or Wordless Wednesday s to achieve this objective. I almost had to go to the office when my Internet Service Provider was trying to sabotage my goal. Ironically it was between posts 27-29, just to keep me on my toes.

Mostly I was glad that I met new (new to my circle) Active Rainer’s with whom I developed new friendships and hope that it will lead to mutually beneficial referral relationships. I was also glad that this concentrated blog post regimen has provided me with new clients who read my posts. Also I hope it will provide me with a more disciplined, consistent and focused blogging for the future.

So with that said, I want to thank Pat & Wayne Harriman from Wallingford, Connecticut for challenging me to do this.


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