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Boston MA is the Third Greenest city in the United States

Posted on Oct 23, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Boston MA is the Third Greenest city in the United States

Bike Rental in Boston MA at the Waterfront

As some of you know I was in Boston, MA not too long ago. A place I called home for over ten years. Every time I go back visiting I have great memories that return as we see friends and family. I also note the changes that take place. It has been over five years since  the last time I went back, so with a keen eye for changes we went down to the Waterfront. Since I live in Marina Del Rey I wanted to see with a new set of eyes the changes.

bike rentals in boston ma at the waterfront

My first impression was how much Cleaner and Greener Boston were since the last time I was there. Then I noticed small changes that were huge to me. The third harbor tunnel project was completed and there were fewer cars driving above ground. Then I notice a lot more green grass, trees and clear sky. Then what caught my eye were these Bicycles that you can rent without an attendant. First I felt that here is another job potentially lost to modern technology, than I kept thinking how good this is for the environment Bike Rentals vs Car Rentals. Plus it made me think how much smarter that is since I remember parking was almost impossible to find in Boston.

Boston Waterfront

Then it made me wonder how good this is for the environment and I started wondering how Boston stacks up as far as being a Green City compared to the rest of the country. Thanks to Google Search, not surprisingly I found that Boston ranks third in the Country right after San Francisco which came in second (another one of my favorite cities, but that is for another blog)

I am enclosing the link since it is very interesting to see how the Rankings were determined. So please enjoy and check out see if your city made it to the top fifty Green Cities in the US.


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