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Blood Moon: April 15th 2014 also known as a “Full Lunar Eclipse”!

Posted on Apr 15, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Blood Moon: April 15th 2014 also known as a Full Lunar Eclipse!

This phenomenon has brought out to Griffith Observatory in Los Feliz, close to three thousand curious Moon Watchers. Just in case you did not know Los Feliz is a part of Los Angeles and also is home to the Greek Theater.

 For me this occurrence has brought back some wonderful childhood memories to the time when my father took me to an observatory and I was able to see my first full lunar eclipse. It was especially exciting that I was allowed to stay up late and be able to go with my father to see the Lunar Eclipse. While we were waiting for ‘the big moment’ he introduced me to different stars to and explained how they were named based on their shape and brightness. That is when I learned about “The Big Dipper”  it was a very memorable night. I still enjoy looking up to the sky not only at night but in the day time as well.

So today, I decided that I was not going to drive to Griffith Observatory, but go out from our home and see the moon. Clearly not as bright as seeing it with the fancy telescopes and not as bright and large as some of the News Photographers will take but just as exiting for me. So here are a couple pictures that I took without a tripod and without fancy telescopes I thought I share with you.

blood moon,1st blood moon in 2014, endre barath, los angeles realtor

There will be three more Lunar Eclipses in the next 1.5 years. So if you have a chance checks it out. The next one will be October 8, 2014. It appears to be about every six months for the next 18 months. Quite interesting to have four Lunar Eclipses in two years.  The conspiracy theorists will be busy for the next couple of years. I will look forward to reading about their theoriesJ.

blood moon 2014, endre barath, Beverly Hills Realtor


Keep in mind I love  the Blood Moons, since the 2004 Red Sox’s 1st World Championship occurred on a Blood MoonJ This was the first time a Lunar Eclipse ever occurred on World Series Championship and in case you did not know here is a picture to remind youJ.

2004 Red Sox World Champions, Blood Moon, Endre Barath

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