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Blogosphere is buzzing about FB’s changes & the ramifications to this

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Blogosphere is buzzing about FB’s Changes & what the ramifications will be for FB & Google.

There has been so much written I can hardly keep up. What it means, what will this do and everyone has an opinion one way or another. The deluge of the buzz is beyond my comprehension. Needless to say if you are not paying attention, than this will be another one of those moments: What happened? Why did they do it? I liked the old way betterJ

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Now let’s keep in mind all the buzz is about a Beta Version not all the Billions of FB users are affected by it.( At least not yetJ) FB found a way to create a search experience unmatched by anyone else.  It seems to me it is a blend of Pinterest, Yelp & Google meshed together. It makes the search meaningful, or at least puts it in perspective. As you search for something you find out which one of your sphere of influence has seen or searched for the same information with their pictures as well as who is near you. Obviously this is in the beginning stages and just like G+ made changes from the Beta Testing phase to implementation phase. It did not happen overnight let’s also be realistic; Google will not be sleeping while this is happening. They will be working as well.

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This is not a Battle of two Titans one Winning the other loosing, I believe the End User is the Winner, since both Giants will be creating something better and equally impressive.  On the surface observation it is FB vs. Google, now if you look deeper, it is two Giants being very competitive and the winner is the person who uses it.

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I would recommend for Realtors and Affiliates to continue keeping their profiles on both platforms and remember what the goal is: Creating Relationships that might create long term friendships and long term referral relationships and new business because of Good Content. Anyway that is my take. Let me know where am I going wrong? Or share your thoughts here and do not forget to Plus1 if you read this on Google and if you read it on FB do not forget to LikeJ this.




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