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Being Tagged & Meme’d is it a Blessing or a Curse?

Posted on Nov 20, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 I was driving with a client, back from a physical inspection and looked on my Blackberry and I read this e-mail. It stated: “…You have been tagged & Meme’d..”  by Steve Mattison  from the Ozarks on Active Rain. I did not know what was more stressful discussing the faults of the home or wondering what Meme’d & Tagged meant. Is it bad? Is it good?

 As soon as I got back I started Googling “meme’d”, amazingly it referred me to Active Rain a Group called Meme…. Well with that, here I am. I still do not know is it a Blessing or a Curse?  One I have to talk about me, will I be weak, strong, foolish, serious or a goof? It is so much easier to write a post and ask others of their thoughts, wisdom and knowledge, then to talk about me and pick others to be tagged & meme’d.

 Then I realized it is a Book Meme. Oh not to worry I do not need to talk about me. What a relief.  So here we go: p56 sentence 5 be seen and known as a leader-Stand in front of the group, and tell them or get involved in a group and lead them. Show up where everyone is-all the time.(from The Little Red Book of Selling, Jeffrey Gitomer) 

Then as the thought process continues, who should I pick? Have they been already meme’d? How can I find out? Now back to AR and there it is an alphabetic list of who has been mem’d.  Now back to whom should I pick? With that said here I go:


  1. Lou Ludwig  he is very inspirational read his posts

      2.  Chris Gempeler   he turned me on to Active Rain. 

      3. Cheryl Frei   she has a great heart a very caring person and a great cook.

      4. Alexandra Stewart   she sent me a card that really is meaningful “…Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow…”( Albert Einstein) how appropriate in today’s times.

     5.  William Johnson  your San Diego go to Realtor.


Then the brain is working overtime, did I do this right? Oh well who cares, the fellow Active Rainers will comment and tell me anyway. So why was I worrying, no reason to? Thank you Steve.













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