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Baked Rock Fish on a bed of fresh spinach!

Posted on Jul 10, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Baked Rock fish on a bed of fresh spinach

As most of you know I love to cook. The other day I had a craving for a Bouillabaisse. So I rushed down to one of my favorite Fish stores at the Pier (that is King Harbor at Redondo Beach). As you know I have blogged about both previously. Now with that said there was such a bargain on Rock Fish (which I add to my Bouillabaisse) needless to say I bought the entire fish which would have been a shame to put all that into the fish stock.  Needless to say I was at the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday and bought a whole bunch of Spinach. So I decided to bake the saved Rock fish filets, and here we are: Baked Rock fish on a bed of fresh spinach.

Endre Barath,Jr. Venice Realtor

This Recipe is really easy: after you place the Spinach on the Baking pan pour either chicken or fish stock about a couple of cups worth over it. Sprinkle it with either Cherry, grape or anytime of small tomatoes. Place the fish filets on top. Add butter on top, sprinkle with fresh or dried Dill (if you have fresh it would be more fragrant & flavorful) Salt & pepper to taste and (I use both very sparingly) and sprinkle some garlic powder on top. If you want you can add slices of lemon over the fish, (I find that the small tomatoes are tart enough for me, so I skip the lemons).  Seal the entire dish with aluminum foil and back for about 25 minutes at 425 degrees. 

Ocean view homes in Redondo Beach CA Endre Barath

In the mean time cook some rice and you have an easy but great dish for dinner. If you do not want rice I am sure it will still be enough you bought a lot of spinach.  If you prefer have it with a French Baguette and of course some          Bouillabaisse  Recipe King Harbor Fish Monger  at Redondo Beach


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