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Arthur Schwarz’s New York City Food: an opinionated history and more..

Posted on Jul 7, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Arthur Schwartz’s New York City Food: an opinionated history and more than 100 Legendary Recipes

Those of you who know me,  not only do I  collect books, but I also collect cookbooks. I have been meaning to write about this acquisition for some time now. This cookbook I have acquired over the past six or so months ago. Life and business took priority hence no blog post about it.

Diane and I  were at the Los Angeles Festival of Books this past April; I managed to find it,  in a bargain book section. This is a fantastic book.

To give you a little back ground: Arthur Schwartz was born and raised in Brooklyn and this is his book. It reads like a Ken Follet Novel but it is not fiction. It is New York City Food History combined with his background history and cultural history and it includes Recipe from “The beginning”  such as what the Dutch ate when they came to New York to the famous places such as “Delmonico’s” and he bring us to places and eateries many just dream about.

 Places like “Lundy’s” a great seafood restaurant that started as a fish market and sadly closed in 1979. Loved his analogy:” …If the Dodgers leaving for Los Angeles in 1957 was the beginning of the end of Brooklyn’s hey-day…….then Lundy’s closing in 1979 was the end of the end….”

I could go on and on, it is a fun read reminiscing about classic places some still here others gone. Besides being a writer Arthur Schwartz is a well respected Food Critic who has sampled the food in all these places.

If you love history coupled with food history and the cultural nuances what made New York City the Restaurant Capital of the world, you must put this book on your must find and read list.

I cannot wait to finish it and make some great recipes of the By Gone Institutions!


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