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Are you thinking of Living in Los Angeles CA how about Outpost Estates

Posted on Sep 18, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Are you thinking of Living in Los Angeles, CA, how about Outpost Estates?

 los angeles luxury homes endre barath

This post was originally posted on Dale Robyn Siegel’s website, She requested that if I would not mind do a guest blog about Los Angeles   ( )

So I thought I would share part of it here with the Active Rain Community….

los angeles outpost estates luxury homes endre barath

There are so many people from all over the globe, who want to live and buy a home in Los Angeles, CA. The biggest question they face is: where should we live? I have been featuring different pockets of Los Angeles over the years, so I would like to introduce you, who are not familiar with Los Angeles the Outpost Estates area. Those who are familiar know what I mean.

los angeles outpost estates luxury homes endre barath

Outpost Estates has been a “star magnet” since the days when Lana Turner lived there. At one point Ben Affleck called Outpost Estates his home. Of course one of the longest residents has been Bob Barker of the “Price Is Right” fame.

los angeles outpost estates luxury homes, endre barath

One of the attraction to live in Outpost Estates is, that you can literally walk to some of Hollywood’s main attractions such as the “The Magic Castle”, “The Hollywood Bowl” and “The Kodak Theater” to name a few. I remember a time when Lower Outpost Estates was less desirable due to its close proximity to Franklin Ave and ’ Hollywood’. Ironically now it is hip and trendy to live in an area that is secluded but still walking distance to “where it is happening”. After all how many places and attractions in Los Angeles can boast of being walking distance from your home?

los angeles outpost estates luxury homes endre barath


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