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Are you familiar with the New Gas Pipeline Disclosure Law in CA?

Posted on Oct 30, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Are you familiar with the: New Gas Pipeline Disclosure Law in California?


If you are a seller or a buyer in California you need to be familiar. This new Disclosure law makes it clear, that if you are buying a property, than during the transaction there will be a disclosure which will address information about pipelines of gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipeline.


This is encouraging buyers to view the National Pipeline Mapping System also known as the “NPMS” website on their own. The NPMS Internet Website is maintained by the United States Department of Transportation at . The website encourages the potential buyer to seek further information about possible transmission pipelines near the property they are considering by contacting the local gas utility or other pipeline operators in the area.


This disclosure law has been brought about by AB 1511 (Assembly Bill 1511) and it will go into effect after July 1, 2013.


I suspect this law went into effect because in 2010 in San Bruno a San Francisco suburb there was a pipeline explosion which killed eight people and destroyed 58 homes.

There are various Disclosure Companies who generally provide the natural gas transmission pipeline disclosure to their clients, check out the disclosure company that you use and make sure they are in compliance so you do not pick up a potential problem down the road when it is too late.


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