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Are we allowed to have pets? Questions from first time buyers in LA?

Posted on Oct 25, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 Are we allowed to have pets? Questions from first time buyers in Los Angeles. The answer is from a Pet Friendly Realtor in Los Angeles, CA 90064

Often time we receive inquiries from potential first time buyers who have lived in apartments all their lives outside of when they lived at home. One of the first question I get asked is are we allowed to have pets? The answer is usually a resounding YES. We need to add an asterisk : well provided your dog is not over 25 lbs or falls into a questionable breed.

Now you might say yes I understand… let me clarify this is such a gray area. You can have a pet with a resume, references and an interview to overcome the objections.

Looks can be deceiving. Look at this picture and what do you think? What a nice kitty well yes Jill loves us and is willing to greet anyone at the door because she judges people based on living with us….

Jill in Los Angeles under cover, Endre Barath, pet friendly realtor in Los Angeles

On the other hand we see her run to the door and she growls when she sees a dog. So what does that tell you? She is not Dog Friendly. So when you buy a condominium make sure that your pet is under control and then you will not have any issues. Keep in mind in Los Angeles we have come a long way and most Condominiums have no problems with having pets.

If you want to make sure you get the right place that is pet friendly please reach out to me Endre Barath,Jr. your Pet Friendly Realtor in the Greater Los Angeles area.




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