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Archangel By Robert Harris

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Archangel by Robert Harris… If you have never read any books by Robert Harris let me tell you something: You are missing out on one of the best Historical Novelists of our time. He writes as if it really happened that way. Harris’s historical research is obvious, the details are amazing. I have lived until the age of 11 in Communist Hungry and my father told stories which coincided with events that happened in this book. Some of the details he included, you would not know by reading or studying World History. After reading this novel, you will doubt the historical facts as they are known and swear, that it is not how it happened, because you read Robert Harris’s version. He is my all-time favorite Historical novelist.

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This Story is about NKVD, KGB, Stalin, Beria, Brezhnev and post Soviet Union era of Gorbachev. There is violence, sex, espionage and what else but an international thriller. After you finish reading his book you want more, because you were entertained, but you crave more. I might say he is the best historical fiction writer of our times. If you do not read this book you are doing yourself a disservice. This is a fast, fun and exciting read. Be prepared that once you start reading this book you do not want to put it down and at the same time want to get your hands on his other books.

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