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Another Fine Restaurant in Marina Del Rey, CA

Posted on Sep 2, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

If you are new to the Marina or are considering relocating. Remember it is mostly about the good life, healty food and sunshine.The beach has it’s own culture, relaxed dress code, it is not the  Century City or Downtown business suits crowd that you see.( more then likely they moved here to relax after a hectic workday and you never know by their clothing)

Here is another good reason. The Mercedes’ Cuban Grill. It is located at 14 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey CA 90292 Phone 310.577-0035.

The Menu consist of great seafood, meats and vegetarian options. If you sit outside at the open patio, you can watch the colorful beach traffic moving back and forth (since you are only 500ft from the Beach) If you sit inside,  then there is a pleasant experience and you truly begin to focus on the food. I would rate it somewhere around three stars depending when you go. The service is generaly pleasant but not consistent. The food on the otherhand is consistently good.

Another alternative is to sit at the Bar and enjoy their decent  wine selection by the glass and have some of the wonderful  starters with your drinks.

Good ambiance, great food. Eventhough the name implies Cuban food the preperation is more California Cousine vs. Cuban.

If you have a dog, they are welcome at the Patio.Often you see patrons with their dogs. If you look close you might recognize  a celeb or two. So what I am suprised  is that  Zagat 08 forgot to review them. Just because Zagat missed out, You should not.

Great Food & Great Ambiance. The only thing they are missing is a Website.

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