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Another awesome Pink Martini Concert: this time at the Greek Theater!

Posted on Sep 12, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Another awesome Pink Martini Concert: this time at the Greek Theater

Thomas Layden & China Forbes of Pink Martini

I do not want to sound like a Groupie to “this little great orchestra from Portland Oregon”. Diane and I feel, we discovered them in Los Angeles! We were at the September 14th 2000 Fireworks Concert at the Hollywood Bowl and there was this awesome band performing with Debbie Reynolds, and the rest is history.

pink martini at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles,CA

Next thing you know, we are at the Hollywood Bowl seeing Sergio Mendez, but the real reason we were there is, because of Pink Martini. Then there was the New Years Eve event at Disney Hall Downtown 2003…

So, of course were going to the Greek Theater this time, for no other reason, than to see and listen to Pink Martini “the Little Orchestra from Portland Oregon”.  So Diane and I were at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday evening on the 9th of September 2012.

pink martini with China Forbes authographing at the Greek Theater

Now keep in mind, they are probably the most gracious celebrities I have ever run across in Los Angeles. Eleven years ago we bought a T-shirt and the entire band signed it (all 18 of them).

Pink Martini with Norman Layden

Here we are eleven years later, they gave full credit to their Guardian or should I say protector who saw their talent n 1994 Clarinets’ Norman Leyden the protector and guardian of Thomas Lauderdale the Band’s founder and leader and inspirational godfather of Pink Martin had  come by and perform with the band.

Oh BTW, they signed again, so we have all the CD’s signed, outside of one, which we forgot to bring with us to The Greek Theater! If you never heard of them you are truly missing out. I am going to enclose a few links for your listening pleasure. (one of my favorite CD’s Their first)


 Thomas Lauderdale & China Forbes are just phenomenal, she sings in about 10 languages and they have a world wide appeal. If you question their World Music, they will be in Japan, France & England in the next 10 months. Also if you had doubt they will be at Carnegie Hall in December of this year. So if you can get tickets, do yourself a service and go to their show!


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