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Active Rain: This is your UNION REP speaking again!

Posted on Apr 30, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Active Rain: This is your UNION REP speaking again!

Honest the early reviews are I prefer not to be the “UNION REP” but for some reason I have been the one who is willing to speak up….

The Blog Posts are still hit or miss…I try to respond to you who send me a comment by responding to your blog posts….but sadly it is still a hit or miss if your blog post show up on your profile…SO I sent it to Active Rain…Bob…but no response….. and the problem is still there…

Now this is minor for someone like me who is closing in on a Million Points but others of you might want to check it out for the past four days I have commented around 12-14 per 24 hour period…That means I should have received credit for 10 comments… but the last four days the average is 9  comments got credited for points….and yes I know you have to have a certain number of characters to get credit ….trust me I have been doing this long enough that that is not the reason…clearly there is an issue with the counter as well….


Now that I have expressed my views let me know if anyone else has this problem or am I the only one out of 200k+/_ members speaking of which I have not seen the counter how many members are there now days??


 OH as always my UNION RANTS are PRIVATE Posts so feel free to respond!!

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