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A new way to look for employment: The Beverly Hills way of finding a job!

Posted on Mar 4, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What I am about to tell you is  not standard around the country and that is why Beverly Hills, CA and Los Angeles, CA have a” reputation” in this country and around the world.

 On the first Tuesday of Every Month the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills, ) A classic Rodeo Drive Jewel in Beverly Hills is holding a : are you ready for this “A Pink Slip Martini night”. Now what does this mean? People who received the infamous “pink slip” from their employer can come to the Crescent Hotel drink Martini’s and mix with “recruiters”, “head hunters” and “employers”.

 Now I do not want to sound skeptical but drinking Martini’s and Looking for employment? Somehow I find this not a good Recipe for a job hunt. Call me old fashioned. Call me a not hip, but I just do not see this is a constructive way to get employment. Maybe that is why I am a Realtor, and not someone who is looking for a job.

 I remember when I used to be out “looking” (my bachelor days) going to hotel bars in Boston. Let me be clear I was not looking for a job. So in conclusion if you are looking for employment or just want to mingle with unemployed, cool, hip beautiful people, do not forget the First Tuesday of the month. Be there or be square.

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