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A Marina Del Rey Realtor’s 24hr period. What do you do in your 24hrs?

Posted on Mar 29, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

A Marina Del Rey Realtor’s 24hr period.What do you do in your 24 hour period? Well I will share with you my 24hrs! I find that I am so much on auto pilot and hardly think about what I do in a 24 hour period. Spring Ideas for anyone not just a Marina Del Rey Realtor!

I was inspired by one of my Active Rain Friends; she was trying to inspire the community about Spring Ideas and Motivational Ideas. On a side note making the Pie Chart should be added to the mix it took me a while to make it!

I am so internally motivated hence Motivation Seminars, Motivation Courses are one of the smallest parts of my activities. I subscribe to about five Motivation Gurus who send me weekly messages and if I divide that into a 24hr period it comes to less than one minute so I will not consider it into this Pie Chart.

So let’s break the 24 hrs into what I do:




I clearly have to remove 8 hrs for sleep and preparing for sleep as well as getting up from sleep. Now I am down to only 16 hrs.

Then let me eliminate another 4 hrs for breakfast, lunch and dinner preparing and clean up. Now we are amazingly down to 12 hrs per day.  (Keep in mind I am not a big lunch or breakfast person so the bulk of the time is for dinner, prepping and clean up)

I can safely say I spend an average of one to two hours reading books. So taking an average of a week it comes out to 1 hour a day. This includes professional & recreational reading.

Well now I am down to 11 hrs that are left of the day. This is where it get’s interesting let’s say another hour is spent with odds and ends such as breaks, which are needed for me  and  for our pets.Clearly now I am left only with 10 hrs.

Let’s say driving to appointments  & meetings back and forth, previewing homes, basically background preparation to be familiar with the inventory as well as changes in the neighborhoods some are consistent and steady others fluctuate but if we took an average of 1.5 hrs a day that would be a realistic average time.

Now we are left with 8.5 hrs in the day to market current inventory, handle negotiations, write offers handle the flow of the sales and continue to generate new business. After deep analysis it was clear to me that this activity took about 5 hrs of my day.

So left with 3.5 hrs of the day I wanted to know what else takes my time up. Well it turns out I spend time checking emails, Interact on Google+, interact on Active Rain, write blogs. Syndicate my blogs on FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and I could go on and on.

How do I accomplish all this? I vigorously time block and that what keeps me on track.As you can see my day is full so add into this all the intangibles, such as when the Internet is not working, if the technology adds unexpected challenges such as the various equipment and or internet platforms or Portals are down for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance this can create havoc.

Then clearly something has to give and we have to modify the times. For me it is a no brainer the largest block of time to make up all the disruptions is in the sleeping part. Clearly that part becomes smaller on an as needed basis. I just hope it is not on a consistent basis.

Now with all this said when I have out of state, out of country clients it becomes a bit more challenging to handle the day to day routine. Also when Diane decides to take me away on vacations the challenges are better preparation before and more catch up after it.

So what is your day like??? Is there room for Spring Ideas about improving time management?

Clearly I know there are a couple areas where I can improve on!

Marina Del Rey,CA Endre Barath, Spring Ideas

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