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” A Delicate Truth” by John Le Carre’ a book review by Endre Barath,Jr

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“A Delicate Truth” by John Le Carre’ a book  review by Endre Barath, Jr.


 I have read almost every book that Le Carre’ has written in his long and distinguished career as an author. I also had the pleasure of meeting him at the Writer’s Guild in Los Angeles where he read from his books and signed his books. (Another blog post about that incident to come J) Here are a couple of blog post I wrote over two years ago     &  for those who missed them.

For those readers who are not familiar with his books, in my opinion Le Carre’s  has been mostly recognized for  one of his earliest books and it remained in the forefront to many people for about three or four decades . This book was “The Spy who came in from the Cold” interestingly it was also brilliantly portrayed by Richard Burton in the movie version.


I find that as his writing continues over the decades, he is more and more focused on the corruption of high ranking government servants and their interaction with the powerful business interests and the people who are behind it. “The Constant Gardner” comes to my mind as an example of the Political Powers and the Drug Industry working together and not necessarily in a positive light. Needless to say he has an agenda, but we forgive him, because of his great delivery of the message.

John Le Carre' by Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

So with my background explanation you can imagine what “A Delicate Truth” is leading you to. Not wanting to give the books message away. This is about an Operation in Gibraltar and Politicians, Military Personnel and Spies are all involved. The bigger message is the moral dilemma of choosing Duty, Honor, and Country over the Moral Right or Wrong.


This book is clearly thought provoking and in my opinion does not really provide closure. Never the less well worth the read, if you like current events intertwined with a moral message! Also if you have read Le Carre’ and liked him in his previous books. Finally if you have seen or read the book “The Tailor of Panama” then it is a must read!


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