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8413 Grandview Drive, Los Angeles, CA Escrow Closed!Hurrah!

Posted on Mar 31, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

8413 Grandview Drive, Los Angeles, CA Escrow Closed! Hurrah!

 As Realtors we encounter many challenges during the normal sales process. Then there are others that become more challenging as Escrow Progresses. This one falls into one of the latter category.

I had an Italian Architect who came to Los Angeles to look for land. We found one and the story got more interesting. He was not buying it by himself, there were three total partners. We opened Escrow and then we had to do the due diligence, which on vacant land is challenging if you are local add the International Dimension, communication via e-mails telephone and then we had the geology report among other investigations.

Then came the more interesting hurdle, they wanted to create an Limited Liability Corporation to protect all parties of the Partnership as well as from future Tax and Legal challenges. This of course added delays. It is not an overnight process to create an LLC from overseas.

The funds were coming from three different directions, and then to keep the seller happy and calm was another challenge.

Just as we were ready to close, the seller decided for Tax Shelter purposes he need to create a Trust. More delays and ultimately the Escrow Officer, Agents, Buyers and Sellers all got thru it. Happy Ending we closed today an Escrow which began in August of 2009.

The cultural differences, the legal differences, the time zone differences, the different style of conducting business all finally were overcome to a happy conclusion.

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