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The 72nd Golden Globe Awards will be held on January 11th, 2015

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 by in Hollywood Award Ceremonies | 0 comments

The 72nd Golden Globe Awards Ceremony  will be held on January 11th, 2015: the financial benefits are great for the local economy as well!

This event clearly marks the beginning of “Award Season” in the Greater Los Angeles area. Red Carpets are being made, cleaned and a great deal of preparation is coming closer and closer to the big day and the big moment. The nominees have already been announced so the politicking and worrying has been long under way. Talking with most people in the Entertainment Industry the feedback is always the same. They prefer the Golden Globe Award Ceremony over the Oscar Ceremony.

Those who do not know and wonder WHY? The answer is easy, the nominees  are sitting at the tables are able to eat and drink. Unlike at the Oscars they have to sit there for four to five hours depending how long it gets dragged out to before they can go eat and drink and finally relax.

So getting back to the Golden Globes, this event is huge not only for Beverly Hills, but the Greater Los Angeles area in general. The revenue is great for the Hotel Industry from every level, the tourist who are on limited budget to the ones who are comfortable with the high end ultra-luxury hotels and their price points. They all are sold out and this is fantastic for the local economy.

Not only do the hotel look forward to the Golden Globes, but all the Limousine Companies as well as their Chauffeurs, this is the day when with little driving, lots of waiting everyone makes some good money. In addition some of the clients who are good tippers take care of their drivers. Not mentioning the ones who are well known to be “cheap skates” you know who you are, open up your wallets and take care of your Chauffeurs and Wait Staff.

Golden Globes

The Restaurants are jam packed as well so everyone benefits from the owners to the wait staff all included.

The locals are the only ones who complain about the Traffic. Keep in mind Los Angeles is already over saturated with vehicles, people and does not have a good public transportation system like New York City or Boston. Hence the roads will be even more congested than normal.

So instead of complaining, if you are not invited to the Party or the After Parties, then stay at home and watch it on TV and enjoy the show! Then again if you would like to learn more about the Golden Globes, the nominees and the Hollywood Foreign Press please visit the attached links and enjoy   and


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