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525 S Ardmore Ave, #144, Los Angeles, CA 90020: In Escrow!!

Posted on May 31, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

525 S Ardmore Unit #144 in Los Angeles, CA is in Escrow!

I must tell you, I was truly amazed what a huge demand there is for small Condominiums near an area of Los Angeles that is considered Korea Town or Korea Town Adjacent.  The true reason it is hard to tell is it adjacent or in Korea Town,  because the area has been widening over the years and the borders have changed.

los angeles condominiums endre barath


I took the listing with what I considered a bit ambitious on the price, but understanding that it is an improving market was worth the try. I was inundated with inquiries and within a few days we had a great many interested parties.

Los Angeles Relocation Specialist Endre Barath


The first few days I was approached by three different agents that they had “all cash buyers” and then I had a couple principals who called me directly stating that they are “all cash buyers” as well.

Then the first agent sent us an offer which was very good and I had to advise my client that since it is such a good offer let us not chance it by losing the buyer. The rest is history we are in Escrow and ironically my buyer finally wrote the offer but too late and is a back up offer, but more ironically only in second position back up, because there is a better offer in first position back up.

los angeles condominiums endre barath


I point this story out, only to let buyers and sellers know that Realtors who are listing agents have Fiduciary Responsibility to the Seller, not to their commission. I could have played the waiting game and gotten double commission, but it might not have been the best buyer for my seller.

So if you want proper representation and a fast clean sale feel free to reach out to me.

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