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Westchester: The Home of LAX, that is Los Angeles International Airport

Hard to imagine that Westchester began as an agricultural area of Los Angeles. After the rapid development of the aerospace industry near LAX which was called Mines Field in the early 19220’s. Westchester  experienced a population growth unsurpassed any where in the Greater Los Angeles. This growth was augmented  in 1928 by  Loyola University moving in and  with the combination of the Airport, the Aerospace Industry and the University the population kept increasing. This in turn fueled a housing demand. Westchester was also the host of the cross country equestrian portion of the 1932 Summer Olympics which were held here in Los Angeles. By 1949 Westchester was predominantly a Residential Community consisting of about 30,000 inhabitants. Ironically the desirability of Westchester started to decrease as LAX was expanding. The noise of planes landing and taking off has drastically  decreased the population to about 15,000 residents by the 1960’s. The population started to migrate back to Westchester as the prices in the Greater Los Angeles started to reach stratospheric price points. By 2010 according to the US Census statistics Westchester had a population of 39,400+/- residents. Needless to say most people who choose to live in Westchester do so because they want to be on the West Side of Los Angeles rather then live in the SFV (The San Fernando Valley) in turn accept as part of living here you have to share the space with its largest resident: The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Westchester is adjacent to Playa Vista & Culver City on the North; Del Aire   and El Segundo on the South; Playa Del Rey on the West; and Inglewood and Lennox on the East. As you can imagine  just from a geographic aspect the values can vary a great deal, depending on the proximity to the Airport as well as whether the home is closer to certain adjacent communities or further away from it. Then there are also the normal factors of size and condition of the home. If you are interested in relocating to this great community, please reach out to me directly.